day 8,9: protocols, guidelines and project-management, emotional stability

The system itself is now… complete. Complete in the sense, that if I “follow” it, it tells me what to do and how to maintain it in the vaguest of terms. That’s what “protocols” and “guidelines” are for.Also I think I found a way to integrate “projects” in a way, that is workable. I amContinue reading “day 8,9: protocols, guidelines and project-management, emotional stability”

day 6, 7: refactoring synesthesia system, building up TB, reflections on meditation/magic practices

Progress. Lots of changes.No energy left to document any of them here.The description of my ideas would be messy, anyway.The system is a synthesis of too many concepts, a lot of life experience and the many lessons of previous failures.So when I hand-waive at “magic” or “incremental” or the “problem of continued mindfulness” and makeContinue reading “day 6, 7: refactoring synesthesia system, building up TB, reflections on meditation/magic practices”

day 5: color changes, partial software reformat and withdrawal effects

So after writing the blog-post, I meditated and thought deeply about the color-system and how it works. Discovered loads of new ideas and problems of the current implementation.Made many changes. And then started to reorganize the structure in TheBrain to fit with those changes. Making a lot of design decisions to solve the “continuation ofContinue reading “day 5: color changes, partial software reformat and withdrawal effects”

magical incremental org system day 4: hyperfocus fuel exhaustion

On Day 3 I could not pivot from the orange/fifth aspect.Too much ambiguity on what to do next. So I ended up… reading “The Wandering Inn” till 1am. But that was good. I was quite afraid, I would read till 6am, like some days before. I ended up dreaming about my own “magic” practice combinedContinue reading “magical incremental org system day 4: hyperfocus fuel exhaustion”

magical incremental org system: day 2 and day 3

mostly dealing with/figuring out “mental inventory” Writing this a day late. That’s all right, though.Got up late. Made progress on the “mental inventory”. My room is shaped like an upside down “L”. I mentally subdivided it into three areas “entrance”, “connective” and “main room”.In the “connective”-part is my table with my computer. Where I doContinue reading “magical incremental org system: day 2 and day 3”

magical incremental org system: day 1

day name: init [motivation of post: mainly in creating system investment by (somewhat theoretical, since my blog is tiny) commitment mechanism; also to document how an incremental org system changes and evolves] [scrutability: probably inscrutable for anyone bu myself. I can write, but translating internal knowledge to text… meh. Takes too long, and I’m inContinue reading “magical incremental org system: day 1”

synesthesia: 1 red (version 0.1)

1 is associated with the color red.Its main aspect is mental pliancy.Other aspects of it are system-connection, inventory, organization, scripts, software, protocols, tasks and goals, awareness, processes and the mental aspects of Sati.Consider this less as a clear-cut list, but loose association. A simple example:I mentally create a shopping list and I visualize it asContinue reading “synesthesia: 1 red (version 0.1)”

conditioning synesthesia for fun and profit

Several months ago, I have started to intentionally associate a color with a number.Now, each number from 1 to 9 (and 0 itself) has a color associated with it. Why would I want that?Well, I wanted to know if I could. I am a verbal thinker, but visualization skills are generally useful for all kindsContinue reading “conditioning synesthesia for fun and profit”

time to write

I have ideas, that I wish to share. About software, philosophy, meditation and virtue.Projects and scriptsAll that and whatever else I think is interesting.Sometimes, probably just pointing at UIs and software and yelling “bad!”.Sometimes, I will challenge others’ opinions. My disagreement or thoughts on something tend to be waaaaaay too long for comments.Sometimes, it willContinue reading “time to write”

TheBrain extension suite for AHK update

v0.2 replaced font_color_selection with multi_markdown-function to change font-family, font-size, font-color, background color to something specific with just one command try alt+shift+h for an example and adapt to your needs added new keybindings: alt shift m for opening new window from search [Content maximized] alt shift m for opening new window from search [Plex maximized] altContinue reading “TheBrain extension suite for AHK update”

blogging will start soon

[epistemic status: questionable, will need more evidence for this] I will write about coping with ADHD, meditation and software tools.Also stoicism, rationality and whatever happens to be on my mind.Some of my writing will be practical, some more philosophical.When I speak of software tools, I mean to present designed workflows for doing practical things andContinue reading “blogging will start soon”

TheBrain 12 expand/collapse mechanics, part 1

EDIT2:More details have emerged here: update this once a new version is out (higher than 12.11). EDIT:Just realized that TheBrain 12 could export Notes as a PDF, so I added that. I mean…. I knew that, but I never had a use case before, so I didn’t think of it immediately.Not exactly interactive, but itContinue reading “TheBrain 12 expand/collapse mechanics, part 1”

TheBrain 11 keybindings: adding web-links and images as Thoughts or Attachments

First some prerequisite terms: active Thoughthighlighted Thought The active Thought is the Thought, that is centered on the Plex. It has a red rectangle around it referred to as “Active Thought, outline” around it, as well as a red circle referred to as “Focussed Thought, circle”.The highlighted Thought is the Thought, that at any givenContinue reading “TheBrain 11 keybindings: adding web-links and images as Thoughts or Attachments”

SuperMemo 18: importing a new font

So you know of a font, that you like and wish to see your items in. Say, you really like”Recursive”, because it is so recursive, because it is so recursive, because it is so recu…..Anyway, you type “recursive” into the search box in Toolkit>Options>Font>Question Font and only find nonsense fonts that starts with @ forContinue reading “SuperMemo 18: importing a new font”

TheBrain 11 keybindings: Thought Creation basics

Today we’ll introduce two more UI elements in TheBrain, but won’t discuss them more than necessary. The Search box: The Thought-Creation-Dialog: For the Thought-Creation dialog, we use the following essential commands: create Child/Parent/Jump-Thoughts Those are mapped by default to F6/F7/F8 respectively. Nothing much to say here, they work well. We can change our mind aboutContinue reading “TheBrain 11 keybindings: Thought Creation basics”

TheBrain 11 keybindings: Selection and Navigation Basics

UPDATE:changed “crosshair” to highlighter, cause that makes more sense Note: To follow along, you should set the keybindings manually try doing the same things as I’m showing. Here is a tutorial Brain for this, which you may download here. These are the shorctus I use many dozens of times per day and they form theContinue reading “TheBrain 11 keybindings: Selection and Navigation Basics”

TheBrain 11 keybindings: overview

A tutorial series on moving quickly and efficiently in TheBrain 11 to focus on what matters All posts in the series Selection and Navigation BasicsThought Creation basicsadding web-links and images as Thoughts or AttachmentsFocus and Splitter PanesPins and Homethoughtsmore Selection toolssetting keybindings quicklySettingsviews and windowsNotes Editordeletion/forgetting/unlinking[insert some other stuff, structure is best guess atm]helpful AHK scriptsContinue reading “TheBrain 11 keybindings: overview”

deleting all Timeline-events in TheBrain 11

As of TB 75 you simply click there and do this. This is the easiest case.Simply open the Report-sidebar, specify the time range between 1999 and 2040. (that should likely cover all events, unless you’re a timetraveller who’s been using TheBrain before it was published or have in intimidatingly long time horizon) Save the ReportContinue reading “deleting all Timeline-events in TheBrain 11”

OneDrive SuperMemo sync

[epistemic status: this works fine, it’s rough around the edges though.] scenario:You want to work on SuperMemo on two different windows machines. Like one desktop and one Laptop. Instructions are for Windows 10 and SuperMemo 18 (but should only differ in minor details for other versions) prerequisites: on both machines have OneDrive installed (and ensureContinue reading “OneDrive SuperMemo sync”