synesthesia: 1 red (version 0.1)

1 is associated with the color red.
Its main aspect is mental pliancy.
Other aspects of it are system-connection, inventory, organization, scripts, software, protocols, tasks and goals, awareness, processes and the mental aspects of Sati.
Consider this less as a clear-cut list, but loose association.

A simple example:
I mentally create a shopping list and I visualize it as a red frame with the words “shopping list”.
Items that I would shop for, I might visualize as what they look like.
Or I could simply visualize the objects as red words, too.
If the list was ordered in the way, I would route thru the store, I would visualize them in the other colors. Say, that my fifth item would be “canned beans”, then I would visualize them in orange.
If I later decide I want “canned tuna” and it should be my fifth item instead, because I would reach it before the “canned beans”, I would rather not
revisualize/reassign “canned beans” to be my sixth object and make it teal.
Rather I would define make the fifth item be an area I visit and call it “canned goods”. Theoretically, I could then mentally color the items in “canned goods” by order, but there’s little advantage in doing so.
Once I’m at the right place in the store, I don’t need such a fine-grained order.

TODO: Learn how to use colors in blog entries.
TODO: Add some images to illustrate the shopping list example. [and make it more complex]

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