conditioning synesthesia for fun and profit

Several months ago, I have started to intentionally associate a color with a number.
Now, each number from 1 to 9 (and 0 itself) has a color associated with it.

Why would I want that?
Well, I wanted to know if I could.
I am a verbal thinker, but visualization skills are generally useful for all kinds of things.
[“all kinds of things” is also a correct answer to the general “What do I want?”-question]
So naturally, I wish that visual thinking came to me as easily and fluidly as words do.

Well, it turns out, I can create and strengthen those associations.
[they are still weak, but definitely more salient now, than when I started]

Then I wanted to give numbers another discrete-dimension, to turn numbers into more salient, more distinct objects for the purpose of mental arithmetic.
I hope that by changing the numerical encoding, I can extend the limits, imposed by my working memory.
Also a color-dimension could be used to extend a major system encoding by another digit, which will be quite helpful, once I get around to memorizing a hundred pictures.
Unexpectedly, I have found that with color association like that, I can overload any number/color with a lot of other useful mental objects and make them more salient in turn.
Those applications show far more immediate promise and end up forming a foundation of my current practice.

strength of association
I do not know how the salience compares to people who naturally have number-color synesthesia.
I admit, to not having researched those people very much, as I didn’t expect to learn anything too actionable.
Maybe I will get around to it one day.
But knowing that those people exist and are human and therefore have the same kind of brain (more or less), leads me to believe, that a similar trick of perception should be something I could learn thru practice.
Having the extra applications, in turn seem to strengthen the number-color associations themselves.
[wait… do they? I think they do. The above stateme vaguely feels true, if uncertain.]
So I have reason to believe, they will become stronger over time, anyway.

I wrote the last post with the intention to start blogging daily.
But making intentions that I will follow thru on, is still a difficult task for me.
As Farl Kriston (probably) once tweeted “Life is the joyful minimization of prediction error.”.
Suffice it to say, I am not quite skilled at that whole thing, but I am trying to make progress.
Predictions are hard, especially about the future.
I have dozens of topics and ideas, I could write about and I think, and in the world, where I am the kind of person, who actually writes them down, I think they might have an audience.
One issue is, that having so many ideas, which build on top of each other, and without knowing me, as well as I know myself, which is a task, even I struggle with daily, they might be close to unintelligible.
I tend to not avoid starting to write, because… if I started, when should I stop?
And when do I stop to edit terrible sentences like the one, two sentences ago?
And here we go, finally noticed that I am on a tangent.
Back to synesthesia.

This is my encoding, and the first term next to it, is the primary association.
So a concept is associated with a specific color which is associated with a number.
By the transitive property, one could assume, that the number is also associated with the concept, but the conceptual association, and the way I visualize the concept in application, this does not seem to be nearly as strong.
Though I don’t go out of my way to train the number-concept association in either direction.

the basic associations

As you can see, those are a bunch of words, that would come up during buddhist-style meditation plus a couple more, which don’t quite fit that frame.
Many more concepts (and hopefully synergetic and similar) concepts are associated with each color, and they are heavily overloaded.
What is this all good for?
I will explain in the posts to come.
When is that? See below:

an application example

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