time to write

I have ideas, that I wish to share.
About software, philosophy, meditation and virtue.
Projects and scripts
All that and whatever else I think is interesting.
Sometimes, probably just pointing at UIs and software and yelling “bad!”.
Sometimes, I will challenge others’ opinions.
My disagreement or thoughts on something tend to be waaaaaay too long for comments.
Sometimes, it will be essays.
I think I know of some concepts, that nobody has ever heard of, that are missing.
Perhaps I may even crosspost to LessWrong or write a sequence.

A lot of it, will be incredibly pretentious.
It must be so, since I am a pretentious kind of person, but also try to be a honest one.
But I must not shy away from sharing what I think, even if I surely cringe at what I wrote later.
I guess, I could write in a way to minimize that risk.
Hedge a lot more, but that makes for bad prose, because it would add overhead for signalling humbleness.
But that would be boring to read and mind-numbing to write.
So I will probably write something pretentious, but will make fun of it at the same time.
Not because I lack confidence in my opinions and perspectives.
I do have that in spades. But so I do have doubts about those.
This is not mutually contradictory.
But I might elaborate on that later.
The process inside me, which generates thoughts and opinions, comes to them in a conclusion

Why write?
Hiding what and how I think, makes me unintelligible for others, but I do wish to be understood.
That is part of it. Even if this blog never develops a following, I can at least link to my beliefs in personal conversations.

A more important reason, but one, that I cannot completely explain either:
aside in cursive: Perhaps, because I do not understand it yet? ugh… now I have to write about what it means to understand something 😦
The more I write, the more I will have to write to explain the already written. Hence why starting to blog for real, was such a difficult task. Anyway, the solution to this is incrementalism (define that later).

Writing things out, helps me remember them.
I have over the years learnt many lessons and found solutions to many of my problems.
And some problems I have discovered, but I have entirely forgotten that they exist!
What I have never been able to do, was to use the solutions I have consistently.
A problem with a solution, I tend to ignore completely, since… it is boring.
Implementation is boring. Habits are boring. But boring is the wrong word, too.
“things being boring” is also a problem, that I have found many solutions to.
It has more to do with salience.
There are several meta-problems here, which I shall describe later, too.
Also something I shall write about more.

I shall write every day now.

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