blogging will start soon

[epistemic status: questionable, will need more evidence for this]

I will write about coping with ADHD, meditation and software tools.
Also stoicism, rationality and whatever happens to be on my mind.
Some of my writing will be practical, some more philosophical.
When I speak of software tools, I mean to present designed workflows for doing practical things and configurations/setups/code for helping others adopt them more quickly than it took me to create them.
The style will probably be all over the place with varying degrees of quality.

I hope to get good at this and this blog will be worth reading.

Update: 27.1.2021
But doing incremental writing for rough posts on this wordpress-blog does not flow very well.
I am writing a lot to myself in TheBrain at the moment and I can adapt that into more refined blog posts here later. So that will happen soon enough.
Just not right now.

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