TheBrain 11 keybindings: adding web-links and images as Thoughts or Attachments

First some prerequisite terms:

active Thought
highlighted Thought

Pasted Image.png
spaces in Thought name are added for clarity

The active Thought is the Thought, that is centered on the Plex.
It has a red rectangle around it referred to as “Active Thought, outline” around it, as well as a red circle referred to as “Focussed Thought, circle”.
The highlighted Thought is the Thought, that at any given time has the highlighter on it. Right now it is yellow.

Pasted Image.png
good colors, aren’t they?

Why is this important?
In Preferences>Keybindings we can set keybindings for a “command”.
Many commands can be used on Thoughts.
However, some commands like “Thought>Delete” or “Thought>Create Child will act on the highlighted Thought wheareas the command “Selection>Link Selection as Parents of” will always work on the active Thought.

Pasted Image.png
and the explanation hint, always refuses to tell you which way it is 😦

If the “highlight circle” isn’t shown, the active Thought is the same as the highlighted Thought.
Since we use the “highlight circle” often, this distinction is very important.

Hint: There is a bit more complexity hidden in the concept of the “active Thought”and there is a reason why it’s not called “Active Thought, circle”, but that matters only for Outline view and will be dealt with in a future blog post.

With that out of the way, we may actually go about doing things.
Today we learn two essential keybindings are “Edit>Paste as New Thought”, which we map to “Ctrl+1” and “Edit>Paste on Item”, which we map to “ctrl+shift+1”.

Edit>Paste as New Thought

Basically this will create a new Thought from the content of your clipboard. If you press ctrl+1 in TheBrain 11, it’ll create a new Child Thought for the currently active Thought.
Always the active Thought, even if there is another highlighted Thought.

TheBrain 11 will try to get the website icon and a sensible Thought name (and possibly a label) from the webpage title.

adding a monitor stand I ordered from Amazon

Edit>Paste on Item

A Thought with the name “Pasted Image” will be created with a png-Attachment, that mirrors your clipboard. The attached image will also be the icon of that Thought. This is often useful, when adding a screensnip as that automatically will load the image into the Windows clipboard.
[insert a screensnip gif of a cute puppy or something]

This is a similar command, it takes an object (an url or an image) from the clipboard and pastes it into TheBrain. Except instead of a new Child Thought it will add it as an Attachment to an already existing Thought, specifically the highlighted Thought.

We can do this for URLs:

adding the order details as an Attachment

And we can also do this for images:

the added image will serve as the icon for my “monitor stand”-Thought

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