SuperMemo 18: importing a new font

So you know of a font, that you like and wish to see your items in. Say, you really like”Recursive”, because it is so recursive, because it is so recursive, because it is so recu…..
Anyway, you type “recursive” into the search box in Toolkit>Options>Font>Question Font and only find nonsense fonts that starts with @ for some reason.

oh no, what to do?!

However, this lack of recursion in SuperMemo 18 can be remedied with relative ease. Find the desired font on and download the whole family.

Family refers to bold, italic and

Now open Settings (win+i), click on “Personalization”, then “Fonts”. Unzip the downloaded font-family, look for a .tff-file and drag it into the marked area and see it appear in the Windows Font registry.

Now you can select the font in SuperMemo:

Here you can see a how an item looks like in “Fira Sans”, which I have imported in the same manner:

font recommeneded to me by supersrdjan, notice the lovely small ls!

Alas, no blog post on SuperMemo could possibly be complete, without showing off an infuriating bug.
When you press ctrl+a and start typing/overwriting your old text, it’ll fall back on the “Text”-font set in stylesheet.

So if you don’t want your fonts to randomly reset, maybe don’t use seperate “Question” and “Answer”-fonts and use the “Text”-option in Stylesheet for both.


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