TheBrain 11 keybindings: Thought Creation basics

Today we’ll introduce two more UI elements in TheBrain, but won’t discuss them more than necessary.

The Search box:

start typing on the Plex, and you automatically type into the Search-box

The Thought-Creation-Dialog:

link an existing Thought or create a new one

For the Thought-Creation dialog, we use the following essential commands:

create Child/Parent/Jump-Thoughts

Those are mapped by default to F6/F7/F8 respectively. Nothing much to say here, they work well.

We can change our mind about what kind of Thought-link you want to create/link by pressing another key again.

Very often however, we want to create a new Thought without any connection. Or perhaps we want to create a Thought with no connections to the current Plex and connect it later.
Setting Thought>Create Thought in Keybindings to F5, places it conveniently and is easy to remember.

creating an isolated/Orphan Thought

simply type and then press F5

There is a character limit for how long a Thought can be, it’s very long though. However when creating an isolated Thought, we are limited to the 28 characters of the search box.

I can press “c” as much as I like, it won’t get longer

There are many more ways of creating Thoughts or linking them. We can also easily create or link multiple Thoughts at once. However we shall learn about them in a future post.

What we have learnt today:

F5 create an isolated (or orphan) Thought from the Search box
F6 create a Child Thought
F7 create a Parent Thought
F8 create a Jump Thought

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