TheBrain 11 keybindings: overview

A tutorial series on moving quickly and efficiently in TheBrain 11 to focus on what matters

All posts in the series

Selection and Navigation Basics
Thought Creation basics
adding web-links and images as Thoughts or Attachments
Focus and Splitter Panes
Pins and Homethoughts
more Selection tools

setting keybindings quickly
views and windows

Notes Editor

[insert some other stuff, structure is best guess atm]
helpful AHK scripts

What’s this about:
Customisable keybindings allow you to use TheBrain 11 at very high speeds.
Many extremely useful commands are left unmapped by default, so you have to set them for yourself.
I’ll be showing and explaining all the commands I use, with my preferred bindings, over the coming weeks.
It will take me a while to go thru them all and to properly document them.
Instead of just providing a big table I will show animations showing what they each do, since the purpose of a command often only becomes apparent, if used in conjunction with of other commands chained together.
Because keybindings are quite essential for my personal use of TheBrain 11, this can be considered a general tutorial for using this software, as well.
[it is quite unavoidable, that I’ll have to go into some of the stranger and more baffling mechanics of TheBrain 11]

Where to start:
You may download my keybindings immediately (they are at the end of this post for download), but it might be more sensible to set them manually at first, as you learn one or two new workflows in each post.
It is also go
A couple of the default keybindings I have changed more to my liking, though mostly I have only added to the default bindings, not modified them much.

Each post will deal with a specific category of keybindings, provide a table listing them and show gif-animations so you can quickly see what they do.

At the end of this series, I’ll provide my keybindings for download and provide SuperMemo 18 and Anki-decks for efficient memorization of them all, for anyone so inclined.

how to import keybindings

TheBrain 11 can export its keybindings in text-file named “KeyboardShortcuts.txt”. So if you modify your keybindings a lot, you can export and import them, as you like.
That way, you never have to redo your keybindings on multiple computers or when you reinstall your operating system.

download link for my keybindings

4 thoughts on “TheBrain 11 keybindings: overview

  1. That looks really good. I’m starting to read those 2 other tutorials. thanks for that. I started using The Brain last week and I need to learn a lot. 🙂


  2. Thanks a lot for this material. I’m new to The Brain, as I started using it last week, and I’ll have to learn a lot. Thanks


    1. re: updates
      hmmm…. no idea. I’m new at blogging. But I’ll look into it before the next post, which should come tommorow or the day after.

      For learning TheBrain, I do recommend the official user guide for reference:
      It doesn’t get into a keyboard centric workflow at all (which is why I’m making these tutorials), but it at least lists and explains most of the functionality.


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