deleting all Timeline-events in TheBrain 11

As of TB 75 you simply click there and do this.

stuff below is outdated nonsense now 🙂

On TheBrain-forums someone had an interesting problem.

How to delete all Timeline events at once (a Google sync calendar being no longer needed apparently). I thought about it for a while and experimented a bit more.

There are three scenarios here, the first one is easy, the second one somewhat involved but doable within a couple of minutes. The third one is very annoying, but I’ll try to optimize it a bit. He didn’t specify in his post, but I think the third one is the most likely solution here.

Scenario 1:
Each event has a Thought associated with it. You don’t need that Thought, anymore.

This is the easiest case.
Simply open the Report-sidebar, specify the time range between 1999 and 2040. (that should likely cover all events, unless you’re a timetraveller who’s been using TheBrain before it was published or have in intimidatingly long time horizon)

Save the Report as “all events” for good measure.

Now right-click onto the hamburger-button and click “add all to Selection”. Now shift+right+click in Selection and click “Delete [number of] Thoughts”.

Scenario 2:
You still need those Thoughts and just want to remove all the Events.

Create an Orphan Thought (call it “Temp”), activate it, right click on the Selection box and “Link Selection as Children of ‘Temp'”.
Bring up the “all events”-Report from Scenario 1.

Make sure that you show Attachments in Tabs (cause I didn’t test it in List-view) and that “Preferences>Behavior>Content>Upate displayed content…..” is set.

Put it to Outline-view and find some kind of zoom setting that minimizes the lag that comes up with having hundreds of Thoughts shown all at once. Usually zooming out helps, so that the abbreviation dots are no longer visible. This step might be more difficult with lower res monitors. TheBrain performance issues are kinda weird.*

Now in an ideal world, you could go to Preferences>Keybinding now, set Attachment>Delete (in this example I set it to shift+delete).
And you would simply go thru each Thought one by one and press shift+delete on the Event-Attachment. However this will just crash TheBrain 11 (see video, at least in version 60):
Already reported that bug though.

It’s not that bad though, since you can position the cursor over the trash-can symbol, click it, press ctrl+s, down-arrow click again (however many hundred times you need to get rid off all events). Here’s a video:

This process is optimistically assuming that you don’t have any Notes in each Thought. That’s rather unrealistic. The problem is, that if you do, you’d have to click ctrl+q to navigate to the Events-tab. And you’d always have to check otherwise you risk deleting a different Attachment (when you’re inevitably not paying attention, because you’re terribly bored).
This will make it difficult to get into any kind of rhythm for doing this hundreds of times over.

Scenario 2*:
Some Thoughts have Notes, some don’t.

Start with “all events” already added to Selection.
Create a new Report, filter Thoughts by Attachments, set Type to “with Notes”.
I saved this Report and named it “Thoughts with Notes”.
Now click on the hamburger-menu and click “Remove from Selection”.
Now do all the further steps of scenario 2. Each Thought will now show the Event immediately and you can do this whilst listening to music.
You have now removed all Events from Thoughts without Notes.
Logically this only leaves all the Thoughts with Events, who do have Notes.
So simply open up the Report “all events” again, add them as Children to a Temp-Thought and now same things again, except with a slightly changed rhythm.
Instead of left-click (on trashcan), down-arrow, it’s just going to be:
ctrl+q, left-click, down-arrow

That’s it. Your life is now uneventful. Congratulations!

but wait…… there’s another scenario….. it’s a terrible one….. you’re so doomed…..

scenario 3:
all Events are detached in the Timeline without a corresponding Thought

Yeah, that’s kinda bad. You can’t put detached Events into a Selection, nor can you search for them in Reports.
Only options that are left involve a lot of clickety druggery.
If I were in that desperate situation, I’d set up the Keybinding “Timeline>Event” to “ctrl+delete”, and set something for “Timeline>Right”. The trouble is that whenever you move the Timeline via keybinding (or via the equivalent little right-arrow icon) it gives you an “exciting” animation instead of just showing you what you want.
I’d probably create some kind of ahk-script to carpet bomb the whole timeline with delete from left to right, make it press “Timeline>right” and let it run for each day.

*weird zoom stuff, naively you’d expect that a zoomed-out view would perform worse, since it shows more things, but….. it’s more complicated than that apparently:

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