TheBrain 12 expand/collapse mechanics, part 1

EDIT2:More details have emerged here: update this once a new version is out (higher than 12.11). EDIT:Just realized that TheBrain 12 could export Notes as a PDF, so I added that. I mean…. I knew that, but I never had a use case before, so I didn’t think of it immediately.Not exactly interactive, but itContinue reading “TheBrain 12 expand/collapse mechanics, part 1”

TheBrain 11 keybindings: adding web-links and images as Thoughts or Attachments

First some prerequisite terms: active Thoughthighlighted Thought The active Thought is the Thought, that is centered on the Plex. It has a red rectangle around it referred to as “Active Thought, outline” around it, as well as a red circle referred to as “Focussed Thought, circle”.The highlighted Thought is the Thought, that at any givenContinue reading “TheBrain 11 keybindings: adding web-links and images as Thoughts or Attachments”

TheBrain 11 keybindings: Thought Creation basics

Today we’ll introduce two more UI elements in TheBrain, but won’t discuss them more than necessary. The Search box: The Thought-Creation-Dialog: For the Thought-Creation dialog, we use the following essential commands: create Child/Parent/Jump-Thoughts Those are mapped by default to F6/F7/F8 respectively. Nothing much to say here, they work well. We can change our mind aboutContinue reading “TheBrain 11 keybindings: Thought Creation basics”


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