synesthesia: 1 red (version 0.1)

1 is associated with the color red.Its main aspect is mental pliancy.Other aspects of it are system-connection, inventory, organization, scripts, software, protocols, tasks and goals, awareness, processes and the mental aspects of Sati.Consider this less as a clear-cut list, but loose association. A simple example:I mentally create a shopping list and I visualize it asContinue reading “synesthesia: 1 red (version 0.1)”

time to write

I have ideas, that I wish to share. About software, philosophy, meditation and virtue.Projects and scriptsAll that and whatever else I think is interesting.Sometimes, probably just pointing at UIs and software and yelling “bad!”.Sometimes, I will challenge others’ opinions. My disagreement or thoughts on something tend to be waaaaaay too long for comments.Sometimes, it willContinue reading “time to write”

TheBrain extension suite for AHK update

v0.2 replaced font_color_selection with multi_markdown-function to change font-family, font-size, font-color, background color to something specific with just one command try alt+shift+h for an example and adapt to your needs added new keybindings: alt shift m for opening new window from search [Content maximized] alt shift m for opening new window from search [Plex maximized] altContinue reading “TheBrain extension suite for AHK update”


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About Me

Hi, I’m David. At the moment I have no idea how to make this layout behave, so don’t mind the chaos. It’s transient.